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Auto industry parts cleaning solution

(car engine, gearbox, transmission system parts cleaning solution)


Cleaning the difficulty

1, particulate residue limit;

2, use water-based cleaning agent is easy to rust.

Buck auto parts cleaning solution

Through the developed environmental protection hydrocarbon cleaning agent for use in car parts, provide a new cleaning process, help enterprises to replace the original cleaning agents, improve product quality, reduce the enterprise cost.

Bring the value of customers

1, not chlorine hydrocarbon solvent, water, no corrosion and sulfur corrosion inhibitor for auto parts, such as effective guarantee the life of the product.

2, environmental protection: no sewage discharge. One pace reachs the designated position for enterprise instant realizing green production need not cost of inputs such as sewage treatment and environmental protection to upgrade the recessive cost and the increase of the potential risks of enterprises.

3, cleanliness higher, can meet the particulate residue testing standards.

4, high recovery rate, recycling.

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