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There is no doubt that bakr quality is very good. Small make up today to review the key factor that influences the quality of bakr.



Detail decides success or failure! Buck components configuration all adopt a line, ensure the quality of source. Control the power part of the industry's first adopts full bridge IGBT power integration module control power supply, module USES Germany Siemens, circulation pump for Denmark grundfos pump or the south, high-pressure spray pump selection grundfos vertical centrifugal pump, are of omron PLC touch screen, electronic control system are all connections to the security

boot and have reliable grounding device, and emergency shutdown and alarm systems.

Internal channel of the imported stainless steel structure, with thick stainless steel plate, having a thick and security is there tub welding stainless steel screw for fixed transducer. Ultrasonic transducer USES the original German import piezoelectric ceramic chip, frequency infinite close, more stability and lifetime of 40000 hours. The Swiss import air glue, glue to cooperate with our company unique cementation process, thereby ensuring strong ultrasonic power output, change can never fall off. Leave a gap full welding welding technology, equipment, ensure no leaking.


"Sales network, service localization", is the company's unique marketing concept.

At present, the company has in kunming, Shanghai, chengdu, shenyang, fuzhou, xi 'an, Harbin, wuhan, zhengzhou, changsha, xiamen, guangzhou and other places set up several service center, the service radius of less than 300 kilometers, with a nationwide customers with service time reduced to 6-24 hours.

Bakr, with high quality service for 12 years, global quality and win customers widely recognized at home and abroad, in the future, buck set in a more rigorous attitude, attentive service to more customers.

Bakr, industrial cleaning easier!



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